My Story

In 2012 I began experiencing chronic pain and fatigue stemming from the hormonal imbalance Endometriosis. This is a disorder that I had never heard of and did not understand. I’ll never forget one particular day where I was in so much pain that I physically could not walk up my stairs. I crawled. I went from being physically fit enough to hike up mountains, to take my dog for a run, to do HIIT training regularly, and now I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs. I felt defeated.



I spent about 2 years seeking treatment and taking every prescription pill that was doled out to me by my doctor. They didn’t help to reduce my pain at all. In fact, some of the meds gave me heart palpitations (that was terrifying!) and some exaggerated my brain fog to an extreme level. I was basically a zombie for those 2 years.


Eventually I decided to take my health into my own hands (I really had no other option!). I researched endlessly until I came across some information that suggested the power of nutrition for extreme fatigue and this type of chronic pain. This ultimately led me to enroll at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant™ in 2015.



By 2016 I was off all my prescriptions. I was able to return to my favourite past time of hiking in the Rocky Mountains. My fatigue had almost disappeared and I rarely experienced any pain. After learning how to increase my own energy levels and nearly eliminate my pain, I knew I had to take this information and use it to help other women suffering from similar symptoms.



As a PMS expert, I consider my role to be similar to that of a gardener. Just like a gardener provides the right conditions, the soil, the nutrients to allow plants to grow strong roots, I teach people how to create the right conditions in their own life that will become the roots of good health so that they can eliminate the symptoms of PMS including severe cramps, fatigue, headaches, and getting off that emotional roller coaster.


So, what is it like to work with me? First I connect with the client so that I can understand the symptoms that are holding her back. Then, I can confirm what root issues need to be addressed, and then clarify the easy steps that can be taken so that she can regain control of her body and her life.



As a Wellness Consultant I focus on the underlying imbalances within the body so that you can achieve lasting results. Think of your body as a house. Your body is the physical structure. We all know that every house needs a strong foundation, right? Well, the foundation is your health and I am here to guide you in building and strengthening that foundation.



With the immense progress I have made in my own journey, I am inspired to help others down a similar path and hopefully make it a little easier than my own journey has been. My own experiences have given me the insight to understand every aspect of hormonal based health issues including the extreme pain and fatigue. I understand all the emotional and physical trauma that goes along with it.



Are you physically unable to cook dinner, to vacuum the house? Do you not accept invites to events that you would love to attend, only because you know you’ll be too tired and sore? and if one more person says “but you look fine”…. watch out! I get it.



It is known that nutrition and lifestyle can help to reduce inflammation and increase energy at the cellular level to help reduce that extreme pain and fatigue over time. This will result in you felling more energy, more vitality, and more clarity so that you can regain the ability to live your life to the fullest!